Our Geom-e-Trees Poster

A 20"x32" Geom-e-Trees poster was released at the Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta on March 30, 2012. Sixty posters were given away to G4G attendees. I have a number of those left over....

A 24"x36" Geom-e-Trees poster was in Cafe Press store, but is no more.

Jump to the end if you are looking for the download-able 11x17 PDF.
(The 11x17 has way fewer lines than the bigger posters.)

About the Poster

The Geom-e-Trees in each column have the indicated number of degrees between their branches throughout the tree.

The Geom-e-Trees in each row have the indicated number of branches at each node throughout the tree.

The length of the branches in each geom-e-tree follow a Geometric Progression as the tree branches out. That is, a common ratio exists between one level and the next throughout the tree. Geom-e-Trees are arranged in three groups:

  • Self-Touching Trees - These Geom-e-Trees have just the right common ratio so branches can be as long as possible without overlapping.
  • Unit Distance Trees - These Geom-e-Trees have a common ratio of one. All the branches throughout each tree are the same length, including the trunk of the tree.
  • Doubling Trees - These Geom-e-Trees have a common ratio of two (or one half, depending on how you apply the ratio). Branches double in length as the tree branches out. While this is unnatural for biologic trees, it is a valid geometric form.

These are just a few of the Geom-e-Trees you can discover with Geom-e-Tree on your iPad or iPhone!

The above is only a facsimile of the poster (max 400 branches), but it's kinda cool anyway.

You may download, print, and enjoy (but not sell) this printable 11"x17" Geom-e-Trees poster (PDF).

Please refer to geom-e-tree.com when sharing the poster link in any way. Thanks!

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