An Immersive Tree-Drawing App for Curious Minds

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Beautiful Geometric Trees at the Touch of Your Finger

Create an infinite number of fractal-like trees with a few simple gestures. Surprise yourself and friends with the variety and complexity of the patterns you discover just by changing the number, angle, and the common ratio of your tree's branches. It's math and it's art - and it's totally captivating.
  • Touch the display and watch your tree morph in real time.
  • Increase the number of branches for fuller and more complex trees.
  • Lengthen or shorten the branches to make the canopy change shape.
  • Spread the branches up to 359 degrees for kaleidoscopic patterns.
  • Explore the many levels of this geometric treescape on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad!
  • Choose from twenty zany themes!
See our examples showing the same tree in different themes.

Enjoy Alone or Amaze Others

Once you've seen the endless variety of trees you can generate, you'll want to preserve the best ones and show them to others. It's easy with Geom-e-Tree:
  • Create an arboretum of amazing trees that you can play with over and over.
  • Save trees you like to your photo album.
  • Share a special tree with a friend by e-mail.

Hours of Immersive Entertainment... and it's Educational!

The Tree is an archetypal form. Geom-e-Tree lets you explore this form like never before. You just need to be curious, visual, creative, or meditative - and ready for some unpredictable results. Geom-e-Tree will also hold intellectual appeal for mathematicians and scientists, artists and designers, educators and students.

Five Minute Demo

Learn the moves by seeing Geom-e-Tree in Action.

What Reviewers are Saying

"There's no shortage of fractal-based line manipulation apps in the App Store, but none are quite as beautiful as Geom-e-Tree, which is an amazing blend of nature and technology." — Pad Gadget

"A gorgeous app that perfectly blends nature, art, and technology." —

See this review in the App Store:

Amazing geometric concept
by el güije, June 30, 2013

I'm surprised about the absence of reviews for this particular version of geom-e-tree, but in my humble opinion it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful app(s) that I have. I've had it for quite a while. Recently they added color and that made it more beautiful. It deserves 5 shining stars.

And these reviews for earlier versions...

by Pickwick12

This is an amazing app! Surprising, beautiful, and engaging for all ages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Exquisite Beauty
by Frogzen

Extraordinary beautiful line art is generated with finger control, but you need a delicate touch. Read the help page, It's short and well written.

There are limitless variations possible, but you can't rush through them. This app requires finesse.

A wonderful bit of Apple Math/Geometry Whimsy.
by Faddah Steve Y Wolf

this sort of app is what the original Apple Mac and now the iOS are all about and should continue to be all about. it's simple in its concept and execution, and yet produces smiles and delight with the user interaction with the screen. at the same time, it encourages further investigation of the production of such geometric shapes and the math/science behind it. it does exactly what you'd hope it would do, while making you smile. what more could a user ask from a simple app?

A Universal App

Geom-e-Tree runs on the iPod, iPhone, iPhone5, iPad, and iPad Mini.

Geom-e-Tree on early iPhone

Geom-e-Trees Poster

You can download a simplified 11x17″ version of the Geom-e-Trees Poster poster for free! (We had a full-size poser in an on-line store years ago.)
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